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Women make up half the population but we do not have half the votes or half the power that men still have. We have grown and changed thanks to the hard work of many brave women who fought against the patriarchal system. What ever happened to ancestral societies that honoured, revered and respected women and their matriarchal systems? Why can’t we have a balanced system where both sexes or genders are equal and equitable?

I have not even touched the subject of countries or lands or societies outside of modern day ones who continue to discriminate. They are so behind in so many areas of life. Women are enslaved and treated like dirt. They are considered second class citizens or worse and in many cases are not even able to be given participatory equivalents in governing systems. Having said this, modern day societies still continue to discriminate as well in various areas of life.

Being older, I have seen how things have changed through time. I remember running in junior and senior high school. I remember the boys my age being able to do weight lifting to increase their muscle strength and endurance. I wanted to participate too. I wanted to be stronger and a better overall athlete. I was already an excellent runner but I wanted to be even better.

I was not allowed to participate. I was given the awful and misinformed reason that it would adversely affect my reproductive systems and so was denied access. Even it this were true, which it is not, why were the coaches and authorities of the day given this momentous and important decision over my life and what I choose to do with it? It is my body and my choice.

It was only after high school that I was finally introduced to some weight lifting machines and permitted to lift weights. I have continued to do so off and on throughout the years and I have to say that I love it. I love how I feel during and after a good work out with weights.

The point is that whether it is working out with weights or whatever we want to be doing with our lives, we should have the choice and option. I remember many occupations and careers such as firefighting, police work or the military were kept away from women because there would be unrealistic barriers based on physical size and weight or other factors that most women could not reach. We were all painted with the same brush regardless of ability. It is more important that women are given the opportunity to prove themselves. 

There is so much more that I can say as I am definitely a feminist believing in equal rights and opportunities. Perhaps, I will have time in the future to continue my musings about various and similar topics.

Mary Mikawoz
February 16, 2023

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Tree Goddess

Tree Goddess

I drew the basic drawing by listening to a guided visualization. I saw this nude woman as being part of nature and being an essential component of this wonderful growing tree. She is in essence a Tree Goddess.

She is so much more than stillness and is about movement and dance. I like the symmetry and flow of the lines. She is about accepting your body as it is – whether big or small and whether tall or short – it is perfectly fine and divinely created. She is enveloped as part of the tree and yet she is separate in form and essence. Your body is, after all, your sanctuary for your soul.

I love the vibrancy of the colours. I love the way there is integrity and connection to the environment.

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I AM Female

Mikawoz I AM Female

I AM Female

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and sexual harassment as an adult, I am releasing and forgiving those who hurt me in inappropriate ways. I am part of the “Me Too” movement and did not have the guts to say anything a few years ago when most people were coming out about what happened to them.

I love and accept my body exactly as I am even though people have hurt me in ways that should not be forgivable but now are.

The physical body is beautiful and is a sanctuary for our spiritual soul. I have survived despite what has happened to me. I love who I am and who I have become. I celebrate who I am – as a soul having a physical experience on this Earth.

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For a portfolio of creative work including art, photography and mixed media by Mary Mikawoz, click here.

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