Tree Goddess

Tree Goddess

I drew the basic drawing by listening to a guided visualization. I saw this nude woman as being part of nature and being an essential component of this wonderful growing tree. She is in essence a Tree Goddess.

She is so much more than stillness and is about movement and dance. I like the symmetry and flow of the lines. She is about accepting your body as it is – whether big or small and whether tall or short – it is perfectly fine and divinely created. She is enveloped as part of the tree and yet she is separate in form and essence. Your body is, after all, your sanctuary for your soul.

I love the vibrancy of the colours. I love the way there is integrity and connection to the environment.

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I AM Female

Mikawoz I AM Female

I AM Female

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and sexual harassment as an adult, I am releasing and forgiving those who hurt me in inappropriate ways. I am part of the “Me Too” movement and did not have the guts to say anything a few years ago when most people were coming out about what happened to them.

I love and accept my body exactly as I am even though people have hurt me in ways that should not be forgivable but now are.

The physical body is beautiful and is a sanctuary for our spiritual soul. I have survived despite what has happened to me. I love who I am and who I have become. I celebrate who I am – as a soul having a physical experience on this Earth.

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For a portfolio of creative work including art, photography and mixed media by Mary Mikawoz, click here.

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