Frozen Wheat

Thank you for liking, sharing or commenting.

Thank you for liking, sharing or commenting.

This was during an end of winter/beginning of spring drive.  Beside this frozen shafts of wheat were spots of spring starting with green grass popping up.  I like the curvature of the wheat as it wisps and twirls with the wind’s direction.  I like the quiet beauty of the wheat that just won’t quit despite it being out of season.  I also like the way parts of the snow look blue in the shadows.

Blue Mountains

Blue skies, blue mountains, blue borders it all.  These are the incredible Rocky Mountains found in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.  They are stoic and ever-lasting in their beauty as they grace the Canadian landscape.  Wisps of gentle white clouds linger along the mountain peaks.  At the base you can see the coniferous trees growing and yet on top you see the white snow and ice.  I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed being in their presence and taking their photographs.

Copyright Protected by Mary Miikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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