Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

Mikawoz Cherry Blossom

This is a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree found at the Kurimoto Japanese Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta  part of University of Alberta.  I like the way the branches hover over the water.

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Towering Cloud

Towering Cloud

Mikawoz Towering Cloud

This is a photograph of a vertical cloud bursting into the air. I love clouds.

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Calm Lake and Moon

Calm Lake and Moon

Mikawoz Calm Lake

This is a photo of a very calm evening showcasing a beautiful glass even water lake with the moon shining along the water.

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Balloon Cloud

Balloon Cloud

Mikawoz Balloon Cloud

This is a photograph of a ballooning cloud.

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Perched on a Tree

Perched on a Tree
Mikawoz Perched on a Tree
Here is a lone Bald Eagle perched on a tree. I took this photograph just before he launched. I think it is a good enough photo as it is.

Burnt Tree

Burnt Tree by Mary Mikawoz

Burnt Tree by Mary Mikawoz

This is the Grand Canyon National Park. President Theodore Roosevelt was a proponent of the preservation of the canyon. The canyon is a 277 miles long and places 18 miles wide with a depth of over a mile. It is beautiful in its majesty. It has sheer cliffs and is spectacular. I like the burnt tree as contrast.

ET Face in Tree

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

ET Face in Tree

I like to look at things and possibly see things that might be special.  This is a photo of a tree with moss on it.  The part that is interesting to me is that there seems to be a face, an ET face, protruding from the tree.  I see the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and throat.  Can you see it?

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