Musings: Exist

Consciousness by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

So the basic question is how do you know you exist?

Is it the heartbeat in your chest that determines your existence? Is it because your brain is running all your organs and blood systems? Is it because your mind, which is different than your brain, is thinking?

What makes you human? What makes you more than exist? How, in fact, do you know you are thriving?

I would contend that it is a combination of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves – what I like to call PEMS for short. I think that to be a whole being and exist in this plane, you need a balanced approach to all these component parts. Being weak in one area may not mean you stop existing, however, I think it makes sure you are not thriving.

Beyond the point that it is important to have balance in your life, I think you need to recognize who or what is realizing that your blood is pumping through your body, you are processing food into energy and assessing information about what your five senses of touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and smelling are all about.

Who exactly is doing that? Is it the observer or witness inside of you? When you put all distractions away and just breathe, what is being realized of who or what is going on inside of you? 

Meditation Pose by 3333873 from Pixabay

I am not sure if you meditate but I do. I have done so for about 40 years of life thus far. Now, I have not always been very good at it especially at the beginning stages, but you soon develop a rhythmic breathing, a deep sense of knowing, a clarity and sense of peace that overcomes your body where you go inwards and become serene. That is when the clutter in my mind and world go away and I know for sure that I exist. It is precisely these special “down times” that I am able to escape the world and come into touch with my real self.

I am able to realize that I come from God and Source Energy. This is when I come to realize that we are all connected into a web of life just like quantum physics will tell us in experiments that they have performed such as the observer effect in the double slit experiment or the entanglement theory with two pairs of photons or electrons are still connected, reacting the same although at great distances apart.

It comes down to the realization that I am a spark of divinity and that I never die or was even born for that matter. I am eternal and ever-lasting. The world will continue on its path and I will continue on my own path and journey. Yes, I exist and I will forever more. The very same goes for you too.

Mary Mikawoz
February 25, 2023

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Musings: Obstruct

Obstruct and obstruction are interesting words. I immediately go to the thought of “Where are you, personally, causing obstructions in your life?”

I think of me getting out of my own way. I think of my belief systems and associated thoughts that are limiting what I can do. I think about all the barriers that I have placed in front of me in my life. For example, I can simply think, “I can’t do this.” This can apply to me being able to write or to me going to work out or whatever task or goals I have at hand. For many, it can relate to work or even how we deal with conflicts or problems with people and our interactions with them on a day to day basis.

“I can’t” is in many respects saying, “I won’t.” It becomes a choice.

Photography of Roger Bannister. Photo Credit: 

People believed that the 4 minute mile could not be beat until Roger Bannister did so in 1954. As of April 2021, 1663 athletes have been able to break that unsurmountable goal, according to Wikipedia. That is quiet an accomplishment when the belief system in society was that it could simply not be done at all. They thought it was a physical impossibility.

Photography of Usain Bolt. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Likewise, there was a 10 second barrier for the 100 metre race. Since the 1990s, many athletes have broken that time. Usain Bolt is the current world record holder at 9.58 seconds which he accomplished in 2009.

Photography of Jim Hines at Olympic Games. Photo Credit: Getty

However, credit must be first given to Jim Hines for being most noted as the first male athlete to break the 10 second barrier for the 100 meters. That very same night two others accomplished the same feat. Ronnie Ray Smith and also Charles Greene also broke the 10 second barrier on an eventful night that is known as “The Night of Speed” on June 20, 1968. Jim Hines went onto win Gold at the Olympics in Mexico City when the first legally electronically recorded time was used. 

You see, we are only limited first and foremost by what our minds can believe and then achieve. The physical action, if that is what it is your goal, is only the next step along in the process after the mind thinks it through.

We need to examine our obstructions in our belief systems and thoughts because we are creating neural pathways over and over again like a groove in a record. Similarly, a common held belief that was commonly held was that, “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick” but you can.

Neuroplasticity says that we can positively affect the brain and create new neural pathways. This has been proven in all mammalian species. Human cognition can improve both structurally and functionally. How great is that knowledge? 

So, the question, I ask is, “What and where are you obstructing your thoughts and belief systems which are preventing you from achieving your best?”

Mary Mikawoz
February 18, 2023

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Musings: Calculate

I can calculate the number of days I have lived but not the amount of days I have left. That is entirely up to God and the Universe. I guess I do have some choices as some say. I had some decision-making choices before I came down. Perhaps, I did choose my parents and my siblings. Perhaps, I chose my gender, my ethnicity, my religion and so much more beginning data. Perhaps, I did choose the lessons I would work on while in my Earthly suit. Perhaps, I do have a choice as to how I will fulfill my destiny-driven life as I have free choice from moment to moment.  

I can calculate the expectation of an outcome such as if I do part A alongside part B and C, then D is the most logical ordered outcome but this is not necessarily the case. There are other players in the mix and as they have free choice as well, their impact on my life has to be considered. It is all about synchronizing my efforts for my highest good while the other involved parties do the same on their end.

I do not judge the outcome but I do judge my efforts. Acceptance is key to it all. It is up to me to entice myself to do better and better. It is for my better judgement to accept myself as I am while doing my best on the path of life.

The process of moving forward is more important than worrying about the hows as I leave those details to God. It is about taking appropriate micro-steps to engage in the process of living and forwarding my movement in an ongoing and upward motion. It is up to me to take the necessary action to fulfill what needs to be learned in this lifetime.

I will calculate the next baby step and then the next after that. These steps build upon one another to the point where I will not realize and recognize how far I have gone because the journey has been meaningful and appropriate for my development as a human being and more importantly as a Spiritual Being on a path towards awareness and enlightenment.

Mary Mikawoz
February 11, 2023

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HALTED – Photography by Mary Mikawoz – Click on image or link to see the bigger picture.

This is a digital design of some important words and thoughts. I have been using HALT as an acronym to help me decide when to make decisions. It stands for waiting if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Personally, I think the psychological world and the counselling worlds have done well with this acronym but I thought more was needed, so I added the ED to make HALT into HALTED. The E stands for Emotional and the D stands for Depressed. In either of these cases, I think it is important to put decision-making on hold until you have calmed down and are not in the grips of any of these elemental emotions and feelings.

I feel like I am adding my two cents worth to an already good concept and making it even better. I feel is an improvement to letting your logic and intuition cohabit together. I have put in images of Arrêt, Stop and Halt.

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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