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Basic Shapes by Gustavo Ferreira Gustavo of Pixabay

What shape are you? Are you square and not with it all? Are you round and kind of cool, going with the flow like a rock down a hill? Are you triangular and if so are you an equilateral being who is balanced or an obtuse one? I suppose you could be so many variations of triangles. Wait until we get into so many other shapes like rectangles, pentagons, octagons or even diamonds. 

I think it does not matter what shape you are like. We are all similar in that we are human beings but different and distinct in how we present ourselves to the world but does this really define us?

We can exist as individual sparks of divinity expressing ourselves in unique yet diverse ways. The question becomes then, how much are you defined by being different than others? Are you better for being the way that you are? Am I worse for me being me?

What does it really matter? Does the colour of my skin make me different and is this really an important distinction? What about my culture, my religion, my country, my sex, my gender, my orientation and so forth? After all, underneath it all, are we not the same?

I am not even talking about the blood and bones aspect of each us but on a soul level.

Don’t we all originate from the same source? Is there not an all encompassing “someone” or “something” that is greater than all of us here combined? Who or what makes us breathe? Is this simply a mechanical or biological feat of the body? Do we simply live and then die with no tomorrow or future?

Old Oak Tree by Mary Mikawoz

I contend that we are the observer or witness of our lives and that we are a higher spirit or soul. I contend that there is a force much greater than ourselves who manifests everything from the planets that are rotating around the sun to the seeds that grow in the Earth and then grow into a tomato plant, a beautiful flower or a solid oak tree.

I believe in a force greater than ourselves that is, perhaps, unnamable and far beyond our wildest comprehension but not of our appreciation and gratitude.

It does not matter what your shape is and how you present yourself to the world as long as you do so with a good heart and intention. It does not matter that we all follow the same religion to believe in a power greater than ourselves but that we recognize we did not get here all on our own accord. It was not our work but a higher force or divinity.

Snowflake by Gert Altmann of Pixabay

I challenge you today not to see the distinctions and differences in people as an oddity but a beautiful creation of God, the Universe or Source whereby we are each individually made just like there is no two snowflakes made exactly alike. Let us be appreciative of our connection to the all-divine and know we are perfectly made just as we are.

Mary Mikawoz
February 24, 2023

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Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge – Photography by Mary Mikawoz

This is a photograph I took that just reminds me of the old west. Across the mountain pathway, along the valley, you have an old-fashioned metal railway bridge crossing over the waters and land.

I love the movement and flow in the mountain with waved shapes as a backdrop. To me it is a gorgeous sight sculpted by God. I have made it into a black and white picture as I like the effect and feel of it.

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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Egyptian Design

Egyptian Design

Mikawoz Egyptian Design

This is my interpretation of Egyptian Design. It is made with India Ink and nib pens.

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