The Real Kiss

The Real Kiss – Acrylic Painting & Digital Art by Mary Mikawoz
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The Real Kiss

This is an abstract painting of “The Real Kiss.” It is an acrylic painting I was inspired to create. Originally, it was simply a stream of connecting lines in brown that is all about seeing from the negative space and seeing around what is actually there. I have put in the white and black space to indicate that there are two people kissing. In between their mouths, is a cherry of the luscious love they share like the fruit of Adam and Eve.  

I enjoyed creating the painting and then enhancing it digitally.  

If you look at it longer, you can even see a third face, maybe even four. You can’t tell if they are female or male or transgender or non-binary but in many ways, it does not matter. It is all about love anyways. I find it mesmerizing in some ways and quite sensual. 

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I AM Female

Mikawoz I AM Female

I AM Female

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and sexual harassment as an adult, I am releasing and forgiving those who hurt me in inappropriate ways. I am part of the “Me Too” movement and did not have the guts to say anything a few years ago when most people were coming out about what happened to them.

I love and accept my body exactly as I am even though people have hurt me in ways that should not be forgivable but now are.

The physical body is beautiful and is a sanctuary for our spiritual soul. I have survived despite what has happened to me. I love who I am and who I have become. I celebrate who I am – as a soul having a physical experience on this Earth.

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For a portfolio of creative work including art, photography and mixed media by Mary Mikawoz, click here.

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Solo Bald Eagle

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

This is one of the best photos I have of a solo Bald Eagle.  The background was just perfect.  I also like the way the plumage is gently flying in the air.  Its beak is perfect for what he needs to do.  The eye is piercing.  Love this photo and the detail.

Did you know that both sexes of bald eagles have the same colouring for plumage?  The difference is that the female is actually a bit larger.  Eagles have excellent eyesight.  “They have two foveae or centers of focus, that allow the birds to see both forward and to the side at the same time.”

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