Powerful Determination

Powerful Determination – Photography by Mary Mikawoz – Click image to see the bigger picture.

Now this is a photograph of powerful determination if I did see one. The green plant is thriving and continuing upwards and around to grow. Nothing is in its path is getting in its way as it weaves and turns to make a new route around windows, balconies and corners.

Up, up, up the walls of the building, the ivy grows in dogged persistence of its goal of surviving and in a state of being extant. We, as human beings, are often the same as we pursue our goals in life.

The ivy clings to life on the walls but it is smart enough to use tools and techniques at its disposal to grow.

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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Morphology – Abstract Painting by Mary Mikawoz


This is an Abstract Acrylic painting of mine that represents “Morphing.” If I look at it from a Buddhist point of view, it represents the idea of suffering with The Four Noble Truths and how it may be dealt with, in terms of the Eightfold Noble Paths. If I look at it from a point of view of Hinduism it reminds me of Maya and how it may represent destruction as a necessary component of creation and an ever continuing change or re-creation. From a Christian point of view, it reminds me of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. From a Nature and Earth perspective, it reminds me of the forces of nature everything from a raging forest fire, to a tornado, to a hurricane, to a tsunami, to flood waters to a blizzard forming in a winter’s storm and all powerful forces in between. From an Imaginary or Fantasy point of view, it can be visualized as a Sea Monster streaming through mighty white waters or an evil Dragon flying through the aethers. I hope you enjoy the painting and find positive meaning in it. To me, the filaments of green represent the beginnings of “forgiveness” and potential change in all respects and meanings.

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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