You Light Me Up!

You Light Me Up – Photography by Mary Mikawoz – Click image to see entire photograph.

We were just wondering around London, England and I saw this beautiful combination of arched windows with a balcony of pink and white flowers just in front of a light post. I believe we were around the corner from Westminster Abbey of the Church of England which is home to coronations and weddings of the Royal family.

We love to walk around and see what beauty we can encounter in all the most unexpected places here in Canada and around the world when we are able to travel. I enjoy the company of my husband and my son as we are able to have travelled in the past and they definitely are true to the saying “You Light Me Up.”

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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Hawk on Post

Mikawoz Hawk on Post

Hawk on Post

Whether you are going north, south, east or west in the prairies, you will see an hawk on a post of a farmer’s field. It is actually a hard picture to get because as you slow down in your car, the hawk takes off.

Interesting information from Wikipedia include, “Hawks, like most birds, are tetrachromats having four types of colour receptors in the eye. These give hawks the ability to perceive not only the visible range but also ultraviolet light. Other adaptations allow for the detection of polarized light or magnetic fields.”

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Toppled Wire Fence

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Toppled Wire Fence

I really don’t have much to say about this photo other than I like the simplicity of it.  The strain of use over time has made this wire fence topple over at the post’s base.  I always find it interesting how you get not only white snow but blue hues when you photograph the shadows on snow.

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