River Runs Through It

River Runs Through It

This is a pen drawing which is pretty basic and simplistic but I felt a flow with it and had the thoughts of “A River Runs Through It.” 

Then I researched it online and this line is actually from a book and movie by the same name. Norman McLean wrote and published the semi-autobiographical book in 1976. It was adapted for screen play by Richard Friedenberg. According to Wikipedia, “’A River Runs Through It’ is a 1992 American drama film directed by Robert Redford and starring Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn, and Emily Lloyd.” 

Now I have never seen the movie as far as I know but according to Mark Blanchard on Quora, it means the following: ”That’s the final line to Norman MacLean’s beautiful A River Runs Through It and it speaks to the merger of spirituality and science, the soul and nature, as MacLean saw it.” 

Also, Chanjoo Brown writes in Quaro, “My take on the quote is that all kinds of twists and turns, obstacles come at us in life, like the flows of a river. And no matter how we try to change that flow or redirect it, it’s always going to run in the direction it’s meant to, which is into a larger body; the ocean which represents the ‘One’ thing we all merge into (mutual destiny). “ 

Based on who I am as a person, it makes a lot of sense to me and perhaps, I did intuit it. I was, nonetheless, inspired to draw it by hand and then create more of it as a digital artwork piece. 

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HSP – Highly Sensitive People


Book: “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People:How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered and Fulfilled,” by Mel Collins, Watkins Media Ltd., 2019.

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

The book is available January 15, 2019.

Mel Collins worked in a prison for over 10 years as a HSP or Highly Sensitive Person. She realized that this was not the best match and so studied to become a therapist which was ideal for her intuitive abilities.

Some people are scared that they are so highly sensitive or intuitive but Mel Collins sees this as a gift. She believes in having a balanced life between the feminine and the masculine aspects or the yin and yang of the person.

She also believes in having a balance between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. By keeping these areas balanced and shiny like a diamond, there will be very positive results for the HSP.

Mel Collins talks about the chakras and the auric field. She talks about EFT tapping. She discusses ways to protect HSP from outside energies in a number of ways.

There area a number of ways to deal with energy fields. First is the golden light technique, second is visualizing using colours, third is the spotlight method, fourth is crystal therapy and fifth is prayer or faith-based techniques. It is important to clear energetic hooks or cords and cleansing your aura and chakras by the silver shower method, the violet flame method, or smudging or burning sage. Plus, there is the power of salt and the pool of purification method.

Mel Collins says there are earthbound spirits that may attach to a HSP because of the lighter and higher vibrations the person is giving off and because the person is a helper. In these cases, it is important to get the spirit to understand that they are no longer living and should move onto the light.

She talks about the divine blueprint that is with all of us before we reincarnated. We often deal with outstanding issues from previous lifetimes. Mel also does past-life regression therapy work and feels it could be important to realizing why we are here on Earth.

I found the book about Highly Sensitive People to be a good one because I am one. I thought what can this author teach me that I already don’t know about myself and the spirit world but she did a pretty good overview. I liked the book and would recommend it to people who are intuitive but still developing their spiritual practice. For those who have been evolving for awhile, it is a good overview.

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