Hawk on Post

Mikawoz Hawk on Post

Hawk on Post

Whether you are going north, south, east or west in the prairies, you will see an hawk on a post of a farmer’s field. It is actually a hard picture to get because as you slow down in your car, the hawk takes off.

Interesting information from Wikipedia include, “Hawks, like most birds, are tetrachromats having four types of colour receptors in the eye. These give hawks the ability to perceive not only the visible range but also ultraviolet light. Other adaptations allow for the detection of polarized light or magnetic fields.”

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Overhead Clover

Mikawoz Overhead Clover

Overhead Clover

This is an image of an overhead clover down below in the snow-frosted landscape. It is taken from an airplane on the right-hand side. It was winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada still in February a few years ago.

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