Night Hues

Mikawoz Night Hues

Night Hues

I was trying to get an effect with the camera. I have much better shots of the moon that you can check out at my portfolio on Fine Art America. What I like about this photo is the mysterious nature of the full moon amidst the blue hues of the night sky and the trees.

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Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night

Mikawoz Red Sky at Night

This is a photograph of an Bald Eagle perched on a tree at night time. I manipulated it so that it had a red background. It is a nice silhouette.

Hawaiian Sunset

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

This is a photo I took in Waikiki, Hawaii while on a sunset cruise.  Hawaii is interesting because the highs and lows in temperature for the day and night are very similar within a few degrees each day most of the year.  It was really a “Groundhog Day” out there.  Plus, I don’t think I have seen a quicker sunset in my life.  It was there one minute and shortly afterwards, it was down.  I chose this image today because of the cold weather we have been having so I can always dream and remember.

Please note a couple of sailboats on the horizon in the center image and the plane just over the land on the right hand side of the photo.

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Moon through Palm Trees

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

This photographic shot was taken in the evening while we enjoyed a Luau on Oahu, Hawaii.  The moon is almost hidden by the palm trees even though it is fully in the sky.  Who doesn’t like a full moon?  There is something spectacular in seeing the whole moon light up the night sky.  One of the most amazing things for me is the way the lunar appearance affects entire oceans with ensuring the pull and withdrawal of the waters surf.

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