Book Review: The Seat of the Soul

Seat of the Soul

Seat of the Soul




Book: “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

I read the “Seat of the Soul” many years ago. I remember liking it very much as I remember having a lot of “Ah Ha” moments. I did not have my copy with me so I borrowed somebody else’s copy to read again. This time I found myself less impressed. I am not sure if it is because I have read many books since and I dealing with this subject matter from an entirely different perspective or that the points he makes are not new to me. Nonetheless, I found myself more critical this time.

It did not help that the person who owned this book wrote in the margins comments and added question marks to what they did not know or understand. This made me more critical too. I began to wonder what exactly was Gary Zukav trying to say.

The book covers many great areas such as evolution, karma, reverance, heart and so forth into intuition, light, relationships, souls, power and trust. It is though provoking and I am sure it would make an excellent book or literature circle book. I came to challenge a few concepts. One of the first ones is Gary Zukav’s use of the word “personality” which I personally would change out with the word “ego.” This to me, is a better indication of what he was more likely saying although perhaps this would be too much of a psychological word for him.

The second thing that I take issue with is his assertion that pets and other animals don’t have personal or individual souls. He believes that animals belong to the group soul. So, a cat or dog does not have his own personality or soul. From my observation of our pets, they definitely have their own personality and are able to tell if you are sad. There is cognition on the part of some animals because they do have the ability to understand what is going on. Maybe they do not understand everything but they are certainly capable of more than we give them credit for. I understand that many religions and thought processes would agree with Gary Zukav but I do not.

There are many fine points such as that there are five-sensory people and there are multiple-sensory people. He talks about karma, reincarnation and illusions. He indicates how the law of attraction will bring to you that which you are exhibiting. If you are being negative, negative situations and people will appear in your life. He talks about the only thing that is real is to be loved and loving.

Finally, Zukav makes the point that we are a soul with a body not a body with a soul and that we are struggling to achieve authentic power in our lives. Spiritual psychology will be able to explain psychological problems in terms of a splintered soul and not only from a strictly medical model.

Moon through Palm Trees

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

This photographic shot was taken in the evening while we enjoyed a Luau on Oahu, Hawaii.  The moon is almost hidden by the palm trees even though it is fully in the sky.  Who doesn’t like a full moon?  There is something spectacular in seeing the whole moon light up the night sky.  One of the most amazing things for me is the way the lunar appearance affects entire oceans with ensuring the pull and withdrawal of the waters surf.

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Corona Madonna

Back in 2009, we visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We visited the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I took a few photos outside and a number inside.  I took a photo of the statue of Mary and then as I was leaving the church, I wanted to see what the pictures looked like and found that there was a Corona of Light around the head of the Madonna.  I was amazed.   I went back in to take more photos but could not create the same effect.

This corona was NOT photoshopped in at all.  It is as I was able to capture with my digital camera at that special moment in time.

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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