Canada Goose Fountain

Canada Goose Fountain

I like the Canada Geese playing and frolicking in front of the fountain. I have made it black and white to make it more interesting. This picture was taken only a few weeks ago but the fountain has been already closed down due to dropping temperatures and because of the recent snow already. 

There were still Canada geese at the Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park yesterday when I went for my walk. I do not know why the few stragglers have not flown south for the winter. They should be going soon. 

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In Between

Mikawoz In Between

In Between

The Canada Goose is between two tree trunks. He is heading towards the water. In the background, you can see another goose rising up out of the green algae water.

It was taken at St. Vital Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and as the geese are back now, it will be a common sight again.

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Sparkling Water and Goose

I could not believe how gorgeous the water turned out around this goose.  The white goose is encircled with huge diamond–shaped sparkling lights.  I love the way the water seems to fold itself over delicately moving as the goose glides along the water.  I also love the multi-pointed sparks of light.  This photo was taken in Freeport, Bahamas in The Garden of the Groves on the Grand Bahamas Island.

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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