Vimy Ridge 9

Vimy Ridge 9 – Photography by Mary Mikawoz
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Vimy Ridge 9

Vimy Ridge is a famous place and monument in France. It is dedicated to Canadians as they were able to take ground that was kept by the Germans in World War I. It was thought to be impenetrable and unbeatable and yet the Canadians did it. It was part of the Battle of Arras in the Pas-de-Calais Region of France. 

This monument is 30 meters high and was designed by Walter Seymour Allward. It was unveiled in 1936 by King Edward the VIII. It was restored in 2007. Did you know that when you are on those grounds, you are back in Canada? I love this series of photos that I took because to me, it means a great deal and I honour those soldiers who fought and lost their lives for our freedoms. 

This image is part of a series dedicated to Vimy Ridge. There are 14 in total. This is number 9. 

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Forces of Nature

Mikawoz Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Here are the Sunwapta Falls in Alberta where the water used to flow and has etched out this path of rock along the falls. It is soft and round to the touch. It is so incredible that nature is so powerful in its ability to be consistent and constant with the force of water to create smooth cliffs. I love the curvature of the rock.

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Morphology – Abstract Painting by Mary Mikawoz


This is an Abstract Acrylic painting of mine that represents “Morphing.” If I look at it from a Buddhist point of view, it represents the idea of suffering with The Four Noble Truths and how it may be dealt with, in terms of the Eightfold Noble Paths. If I look at it from a point of view of Hinduism it reminds me of Maya and how it may represent destruction as a necessary component of creation and an ever continuing change or re-creation. From a Christian point of view, it reminds me of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. From a Nature and Earth perspective, it reminds me of the forces of nature everything from a raging forest fire, to a tornado, to a hurricane, to a tsunami, to flood waters to a blizzard forming in a winter’s storm and all powerful forces in between. From an Imaginary or Fantasy point of view, it can be visualized as a Sea Monster streaming through mighty white waters or an evil Dragon flying through the aethers. I hope you enjoy the painting and find positive meaning in it. To me, the filaments of green represent the beginnings of “forgiveness” and potential change in all respects and meanings.

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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