The Real Kiss

The Real Kiss – Acrylic Painting & Digital Art by Mary Mikawoz
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The Real Kiss

This is an abstract painting of “The Real Kiss.” It is an acrylic painting I was inspired to create. Originally, it was simply a stream of connecting lines in brown that is all about seeing from the negative space and seeing around what is actually there. I have put in the white and black space to indicate that there are two people kissing. In between their mouths, is a cherry of the luscious love they share like the fruit of Adam and Eve.  

I enjoyed creating the painting and then enhancing it digitally.  

If you look at it longer, you can even see a third face, maybe even four. You can’t tell if they are female or male or transgender or non-binary but in many ways, it does not matter. It is all about love anyways. I find it mesmerizing in some ways and quite sensual. 

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More Art Symbolism Explained – Sprouting Seed 2

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

This abstract painting is a continuation of the Sprouting Seed and like the first soul emerging; this is the second soul emerging from the first one.  If you look at the first picture and the second picture, you will see that they connect and the first painting “feeds” into the second one and like the “bone” from Adam’s rib, this represents this connection with the creation of Eve from the Bible.  She is whole and complete because she has her own seed that she has come from but has been aided with the help of Adam.

Art Symbolism Explained – Sprouting Seed 1

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

This abstract painting shows a “Sprouting Seed” but what it does, for me, is symbolize the birth or creation of the very first soul which is Adam as in the Bible.  He is sprouting as if from a cocoon and as you can see he has wings like a butterfly that he is shedding as he arises from the bud or chrysalis form.  He is ascending and with him comes something like an umbilical cord which represents his Higher Self or Spirit which, like in the painting, is always with Adam.

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