Pointillism Elephant

Pointillism Elephant

Pointillism Elephant

This is an inked elephant. I love the flow of ink whether it be from a traditional nibbed pen or free-flowing ball-point pen. I have created a pointillism effect with the elephant.

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Piercing Eyes

Mikawoz Piercing Eyes

This full-bodied eagle was a photograph taken north of Winnipeg in Little Deer, Manitoba, Canada. It is beautiful and stunning. I did an abstract head drawing in coloured inks. It is combined in the computer as a new image.

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Giraffe Drawing

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

This drawing is simply to show you after all the abstracts that I do, that I can do a traditional rendering or drawing of an animal.  I realize that some of you who have seen my work but do not understand “abstract” art wonder if I can “really” draw.  In this case, this is a giraffe with a little bird on its back that I quickly sketched up.

I remember a time when my high school art teacher was promoting me doing abstract art and I remember fighting it “tooth and nail” thinking that the person really could not draw.  I just did not understand at the time and I was not into experimenting back then or even symbolism as much.

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