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Book: “Lose Weight Get Toned!, 15 Minutes Daily Strength Training for Slim & Tightened Body”, Jannah Adams, Books Go Social, 2022

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

I would like to start off by talking about the author, Jannah Adams and her credentials. She is a dietitian and fitness educator. She has written a book about strength training. She goes into what it is and how it differs from other forms of exercise. She reviews the benefits of strength training for your body.

Jannah reviews some of the safety aspects as the focus of this book are newbies to weightlifting or strength lifting. She distinguishes between the two areas, but personally, I see them as being the one and the same thing. I suppose it depends on what you are focussing on when initially exercising with weights.

The book does show some pictures of the various lifts. I, however, do have to critique this area because, if it were my book, I would have hired a photographer to do actual poses from initial, middle and final movements instead of picking pictures off of the internet.  

Finally, she talks about what to eat while strength training. 

A review of Jannah’s profile says she has helped many people with strength training to lose weight and particularly women. 

Overall, I found the book a good start for someone who does not know their way around a gym. Aside from me preferring better photos, I found it disjointed from a writing point of view. I felt as if snippets of information were taken from various internet sources and placed together. I felt from a writing point of view that she tried to be all inclusive but, in my opinion, it felt disjointed and not fluid.

I give the book a 3.75 out 5.0 review for Jannah’s effort to bring this information to the forefront.

Either there are a few people with Jannah Adam’s name or there is no real cohesive social media presence on the internet. I found a few people with her name but I could not confidently confirm it was the same person. 

I found that Amazon had the best information on her and her background. Jannah has also seemingly written a couple of other books along this similar theme that you may want to check out.

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Book Review: Grand Theft Weight Loss

Book Review of Grand Theft Weight Loss

Book: “Grand Theft Weight Loss – How Stealing Scientific Discoveries Outside The Diet Industry Helps You Lose Weight,” Michael Alvear, BooksGoSocial, 2021

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

Henry Ford revolutionized the auto but he did so by borrowing from other industries. He looked at sewing machines and watch industries where they used interchangeable parts. He looked at continuous flow processes in flour and in canning industries. “He mimicked assembly line techniques from meat-packing plants and breweries.”

In a similar fashion, Michael Alvear has borrowed ideas, information and developments from other industries that have been around, in some cases for decades, and applied them to the diet industry.

First and foremost, Mr. Alvear says the very most important thing to determine is the right question to any problem. Once you have the question, you can look at the information and process it appropriately. For example, in the billion dollar industry of dieting, the only message seems to be a variety of diets but they all say, “eat less and move more.” If that worked, there would be one diet and it would work for all of us. We would all be skinny or fit but in actuality, it does not work.

Dieting is an illusion that says some foods are good and others are bad. Depending upon the particular diet, it gets confusing because they contradict each other from pro-protein to anti-carbohydrate and anti-fat diets. 

Research shows that the harder you try to lose weight, the harder the body tries to fight back. Further research shows that your metabolism can slow by 15% which explains the constant lose weight quickly and then gain it back even though you are sticking to a diet.

Michael Alvear uses a number of techniques from other industries to help a person lose weight. I know a lot of people with eating disorders around the issue of food intake so although a lot of the techniques are interesting, I wonder if they will work.

We can control what we put in our mouth but what our body does in the process of metabolizing it is another issue. We have genetics and we have the environment. How much does each serve to affect us?

There are bigger issues involved. Why can’t we just accept ourselves as we are and believe in HAES which stands for “Health at Every Size.” When will society just accept that people come in different heights, weights, shapes, colours and features. We would never expect a Chihuahua or Poodle to act and look like a Great Dane or a Husky and yet when it comes to people, we need to somehow fit some magical mould of what it means to be “perfect” including people going to extremes with getting surgeries and starving themselves to death.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 for stepping out of the diet industry box in an effort to bring in some other angles to look at.

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Book: “Visualization for Weight Loss” by Jon Gabriel

Weight LossBook Review by Mary Mikawoz

The “Jon Garbriel Method” was the first book written by this author. I read it and thought it was interesting but did not actively pursue it or the visualization that he provided. Now, that I am faced with this second book, I am more intrigued. Jon uses visualization much in the way that Shakti Gawain suggests in her book, “Creative Visualization.” He has taken it one step further, however, and has made some excellent visualizations that look they would work.

They encompass using white light and predominantly the navel as a focal point. Other areas include the forehead. Both of these are near important chakra points and so the visualizations are more powerful.

Jon discusses stress, trauma and fear as factors in being overweight. It is not simply a process of calories in and calories out otherwise diets would work but they don’t. Dieting is an industry onto itself. The food industry system is into marketing processed foods that are cheap to produce and sustain on shelving and so not that good for the human body. The more raw and alive products with one ingredient is much more valuable to the body than products that have been laced with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, chemicals and dyes.

Jon believes in visualization and offers a 16 week program near the end of the book in which he uses a variety of topics to serve as focal points for morning visualization sessions. In the evening, there is a visualization that you can fall asleep to.

Overall, I found the book to be informative because he backs up his work with scientific researched work which is nice to see. The most compelling part of the story is Jon’s own transformation. He went from plus 400 pounds down to 186 pounds. Plus, he does not have extensions of lose skin all over the place. In fact, he looks as if he never was fat. This is compelling evidence to me and although it may be anecdotal evidence, it is pretty convincing to me and serves as a ray of hope.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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