Lunar Moon

Copyright Protected by Mary MIkawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikaoz

Lunar Moon

I had a great time taking photos of this moon.  Being present at night time, the skies are black except for the lunar moon which is full in breadth and appearance.  There is a beige tinge to the revolving rock around the Earth.

Did you know that the Farmer’s Almanac has different names for the moon depending upon which month occurs?  They are as follows;

January: “Wolf Moon” also “Old Moon”

February: “Snow Moon”, also “Hunger Moon”

March: “Worm Moon”, “Crow Moon”, “Sap Moon”, “Lenten Moon”

April: “Seed Moon”, “Pink Moon”, “Sprouting Grass Moon”, “Egg Moon” “Fish Moon”

May: “Milk Moon”, “Flower Moon”, “Corn Planting Moon”

June: “Mead Moon”, “Strawberry Moon,” “”Rose Moon”, “Thunder Moon”

July: “Hay Moon”, “Buck Moon”, “Thunder Moon”

August: “Corn Moon”, “Sturgeon Moon”, “Red Moon”, “Green Corn Moon”, “Grain Moon”

September: “Harvest Moon”, “Full Corn Moon”,

October: “Hunter’s Moon”, “Blood Moon”/”Sanguine Moon”

November: “Beaver Moon”, “Frosty Moon”

December: “Oak Moon”, “Cold Moon”, “Long Nights Moon”

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