Gnarled with Time

Mikawoz Gnarled with Time

Gnarled With Time

I have always had an affinity for trees with character. This tree has seen some rough times in the deserts of Arizona. It is definitely gnarled with time and yet it continues to survive like a fighter. They are the wisps of nature as it continues to grow in perfect balance.

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Overhead Clover

Mikawoz Overhead Clover

Overhead Clover

This is an image of an overhead clover down below in the snow-frosted landscape. It is taken from an airplane on the right-hand side. It was winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada still in February a few years ago.

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Streaked Sky

Streaked Sky

Mikawoz Streaked Sky

This is a photograph I took between Banff and Jasper along the west side. I enjoy the streaks made by the clouds over the mountains.

Balloon Cloud

Balloon Cloud

Mikawoz Balloon Cloud

This is a photograph of a ballooning cloud.

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