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If you would like a special and unique to give for Christmas, consider one of my pieces of photographic artistic work. Thanks for considering.

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Here is the middle part of my gallery at Fine Art America. Feel free to enter the website and look at the imagery. If you would like an original, contact me directly. Thanks for looking.

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Here is the first page of my gallery. I have 25 collections with more images inside. Check it out. Originals can be purchased from me directly. Thanks for looking.




This is an abstract acrylic painting of four eyes. The idea is that you can see more with four eyes than two eyes and so speaks to clairvoyance.

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Mary Mikawoz Biography


Winnipeg-born Mary Mikawoz has loved architecture, painting, and illustrating her own stories since kindergarten. Her father was an artist-photographer; a high-school teacher influenced her to experiment with abstraction. Mary has moved around Canada a lot, taking a Political Science degree, later qualifying as a new media specialist and earning a teaching degree. She has had jobs as social worker, federal civil servant, staff development officer, and teacher. Mary has put this varied experience to good use running her own company, Majestic Productions, which offers graphic design, photography and photo restoration, and website design. Mary says she’s friendly and personable. “I like beauty and powerful art. Art is everything to me,” she adds.

Currently, Mary produces abstract art in coloured India ink with nib pens, or in acrylic on canvas. Colourful swirling curves and sharp angles predominate, implying time, movement, and change. She allows her favourite music to influence her as she works. She also does photography, especially telephoto images of nature and wildlife subjects, many of which she has patiently stalked near her cottage close to Little Deer on Lake Winnipeg. Uniquely, she digitally combines her several genres, deepening the meaning and mood of her photos by incorporating abstract drawings into the composition. “In these pieces, the photo shows a static moment in time,” Mary explains, “while the addition of the abstract drawing reflects another, more dynamic and enigmatic aspect of the same subject.”



Sun Dogs

Sun Dogs

Mikawoz Sun Dogs

As any Canadian Prairie person knows, when you see Sun Dogs around the sun, you can expect very cold temperatures in the coming days. These are Sun Dogs made with acrylic paints on canvas. This past Christmas, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was colder than the North Pole.

Nebulae 2

Nebulae 2

Mikawoz Nebulae 2

This is a textured acrylic painting of a Nebulae – second version.

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Nebulae 1

Nebulae 1

Mikawoz Nebulae 1

This is a textured acrylic painting of a Nebulae.

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Mikawoz winnipeg

This is my representation of my home town Winnipeg. Many home town instituttions are Blue and Gold from the City of Winnipeg to the Fort Garry Horse Regiment to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It is made with India ink both brush strokes and nib pens.

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Mikawoz carnations

This is my interpretation of Carnation Flowers. It is made with India Ink and nib pens.

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