Boulder Rock

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Boulder Rock – Photography by Mary Mikawoz – Click on image or link to see the bigger picture.

This boulder normally would be under water but the water levels in the lake were so low that it not only was amongst the lowest levels in history but the surrounding forests were on fire nearby. This is off of Matheson Island that you can only reach by boat or taking your car over a ferry boat.  

I love the way the boulder has a unique shape. I love the way a pool of water has surrounded the rock. Together the shape of the rock and the offsetting pool of water somehow complement each other in the sand.

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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Canadian Icefield

Mikawoz Canadian Icefield

Canadian Icefield

While driving the Icefields Highway between Banff and Jasper, Alberta, I saw this beautiful icefield and needed to capture the image. The forest in the foreground serves as an interesting point to draw your eye back into the icefield itself. I also like the various shades of blue tones.

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Red Hill Up Close


Red Hill Up Close

This is the wonderful Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. I love the angle and closeness of this right-hand hill. There is so much texture and structure to the hill. As well, there are great crevices in the background. It is really quite scenic.

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Oak and Birch Trees

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Oak And Birch

I took this photo a couple of years ago.  I like it because I really appreciate trees.  I enjoy looking at how they grown amongst each other.  The Oak tree is a dark bark whereas the birch tree is white with sections of striped black.  As we know trees are important for keeping erosion at bay.  Plus, we also know that carbon dioxide is absorbed by the tree and produce oxygen for our benefit to breathe and the world too.  I like the angle that these trees have taken in an effort to continue to grow.  This photo was taken at Assiniboine Forest in Winnipeg.

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