Alphabet Song of Positivity

Alphabet Song of Positivity – Photography & Poetry by Mary Mikawoz

I wrote these words to this poem or song of positivity a very long time ago – definitely over a decade ago, circa 2007. They are meaningful and are ones that I hope impacts many people in a positive way. As we enter the New Year tonight and transition into a very New Year of 2022, I hope and pray that everyone takes the initiative to put some or all actions into positive intentions and goals for themselves. I think we could bring the best parts of yesteryear and leave that which no longer serves us behind and reach for a new and brighter future and presence.

I took this photograph of the moon as it was waning back in May 2021 and we are like the lunar cycles, always changing with the seasons of the year.

Here is the poem.

Alphabet Song of Positivity

Achieve Your Best
Believe In Yourself
Care For Everyone
Desire and Create
Experience and Enjoy Life
Focus Your Goals
Go With the Flow
Heal Your Soul
Inspire and Mentor Others
Join The Cause
Keep The Faith
Live, Love And Laugh
Manifest Being
Name Your Plan
Open Your Heart
Present Your Best Side
Question Your Problems
Realize Your Potential
Synthesize Success
Think of Wellness
Understand People
Visualize Wealth
Weave An Incredible Future
X Out The Negatives
Yield Abundance
Zero In On Your Dreams

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Peak of Perfection

Peak of Perfection – Photography by Mary Mikawoz

I think this is a picture I want to call “Peak of Perfection.” The mountain is sitting just right. Green trees are growing up as far as they can up the sides. The water is reflecting the green trees.

Even though it was summer time, there were wisps of snow in the cracks and crevices. There are glaciers that are centuries or millennia old. 

It is inviting and makes you want to say, “Yes, I am going to scale this mountain today!” Let this be a personal saying for yourself this day and every day. I can achieve anything I put my mind to. It is my goal nowadays!

With my art, I am often in a zen-type of mood and with my photography, I feel as if I am inspired by God or the Universe to capture these moments in time.

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I Did It!

Mary Mikawoz in 2020

I did it! I did it! I did it!” I excitedly exclaim with glee in my voice!

I am so happy to have set up what seemed like an insurmountable goal and yet I accomplished it! I have been doing photography seriously for about 40 years and creating artwork for my entire life pretty much. I have had my website for over 10 years but did not display my work very often which was unfortunate.

So, this past year in 2020, I had it in my mind to do baby steps each day with posting my photography, abstract art, mixed media and digital artwork – one each day.

There have been many difficulties along the way along with computers not working, cords not working and the internet not working. Despite that and with the constant support of my husband, David Elliott Atwell, I was able to succeed.

2020 was a leap year and so for 366 days, I was able to post a creative image each day.

If I were to give advice to someone who is setting out to accomplish a similar type of goal, it is to not want or need perfection. I would have been happy having done 5 out of 7 days instead of 7 out of 7. It was a layer of undue pressure that I did not need to place on myself. Towards the end of the year, the pressure became very overwhelming because I had come so far and was so invested in “just making it happen” to completion.

I will continue to post more pictures but it will not be as frequently. If you would like to follow me on Fine Art America, there is a button where you can join up and get weekly announcements. I would appreciate your support.

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Thanks so much for reading, looking and supporting me in whatever capacity you are able to do so.

I really do appreciate it! All my best to you as we enter a New Year!

Mary Mikawoz

Winnipeg Floodway

Mikawoz Winnipeg Floodway

Winnipeg Floodway

On a plane trip back to the Winnipeg Airport we flew over the Winnipeg Floodway. Although it seems like it is a river it is just way too darn straight to be one. It is also known as the Red River Floodway and Duff’s Ditch after Premier Duff Roblin after his government implemented it after the disastrous 1950 flood. It has saved countless floods and money in this plains area.

According to Wikipedia, “It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2000, as the floodway is an outstanding engineering achievement both in terms of function and impact.”

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