Open Letter

This is an open letter of introduction.  I am a photographer and artist of Canadian Polish descent, following in a line of other creative and talented family members.  Personally, I am very oriented towards being spiritual.

Mikawoz Sprouting Seed 1

The reason I am writing you is that I believe you may require interesting, unique or creative covers or inserts for books or other promotional material and I believe my work would be most appropriate.   My photographic work is of a high quality nature and varied.  My art work is mainly abstract but very visually interesting and pleasing.

Mikawoz  Dangling Tail

I would appreciate if you would visit my online photography and art gallery to see if there are any current images you would like to use.  There are descriptions available on the lower right-hand side of the webpage for each respective work.  Otherwise, I would appreciate it if you would consider me for future projects that you may be undertaking.

Mikawoz Bald Eagles

I am able to work directly with you or through the production company that handles the print aspect of my work.  I am able to send digital files directly to you.  Please note that I am able to take on special requests for a specific topic or imagery work as well.

Mikawoz En Formation

My online website is:

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or for more information.  I think you will find that my rates are quite reasonable.

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Mary Mikawoz


Mikawoz Serenity


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