“Northern Lake Adventures – The Encounter”

Book written by Mary Mikawoz

Here are the sequential links for the YouTube videos of the story book.

This is a fiction fantasy book for young readers aged 9 to 14 or for those readers who are young at heart. Follow the adventures as a set of triplets meet the fairies. The book is written from the point of view of Terry, the middle triplet and from the point of view of Jasmine, the fairy grandmother who is a member of the elder council.

There are interesting and unique points of view to see how the same events are seen differently depending upon perspective. Come along for the adventure.

Some of the topics covered in this book are humanity versus nature, family dynamics, sibling rivalry, school, friendships, adventure, time and space travel, portals and learning.

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Chapter 1 – Jasmine’s Story – Summer Solstice

Chapter 2 – Terry’s Story – The Cottage Lottery

Chapter 3 – Jasmine’s Story – Getting to Safety

Chapter 4 – Terry’s Story – Down to the Dock

Chapter 5 – Jasmine’s Story – Life in the Fairy World

Chapter 6 – Terry’s Story – Visiting the Cousins

Chapter 7 – Jasmine’s Story – The Portal to Citrona

Chapter 8 – Terry’s Story – Summer Really Begins

Chapter 9 – Jasmine’s Story – Magical Goo

Chapter 10 – Terry’s Story – Preparing for Camping Trip

Chapter 11 – Jasmine’s Story – The Fairies Investigate

Chapter 12 – Terry’s Story – The Blueprints

Chapter 13 – Jasmine’s Story – The Dwelling Moves In

Chapter 14 – Terry’s Story – Delivery Day

Chapter 15 – Jasmine’s Story – The Initial Report

Chapter 16 – Terry’s Story – En Route to the Cottage

Chapter 17 – Jasmine’s Story – Journey to the Elf’s Home

Chapter 18 – Terry’s Story – Our New Rooms

Chapter 19 – Jasmine’s Story – Kodran’s Cave

Chapter 20 – Terry’s Story – Our Christmas Day

Chapter 21 – Jasmine’s Story – The Trip Back Home

Chapter 22 – Narrator’s Voice – Transition Time

Chapter 23 – Narrator’s Voice – The Next Meeting

Chapter 24 – Narrator’s Voice – Telling Grandmother Jasmine

Chapter 25 – Narrator’s Voice – The New Connection

Chapter 26 – Narrator’s Voice – Time and Space Travel


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