Seven Sisters Falls Damn

Because Canada is a younger country, weather records show that this is the latest spring on record in Winnipeg’s history in 141 years.  As such, this picture is interesting because it is a month after Spring has officially started and yet the Seven Sisters Damn on the Winnipeg River is still very solidly frozen with ice and snow.  Seven Sisters was originally known as Seven Portages.

Further upstream on the Whitemouth Falls, the water is starting to open.  The River system flows north to Lake Winnipeg which is the 10th largest fresh-water lake in the world.  There are 10 major watershed draining areas that contribute to this lake from Alberta on the west, to Ontario on the East and North Dakota on the south.  It flows northward to the Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean.  This generation station is responsible for many hydro lines directly into Winnipeg to provide electrical power and service to this community.

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

Copyright Protected by Mary Mikawoz

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