Mary’s Bio

Writing has been a large part of my existence.  As a young child, I won my first city-wide writing competition.  I was so thrilled to win a huge financial prize for that time.  From elementary school onto junior and senior high school, I continued to write for the school newspapers in various capacities, including as sports editor and similarly worked as yearbook editor.  I went on to write for the University newspaper.

Soon afterwards, many jobs involved writing from a public relations point of view, including press releases, TV appearances and radio interviews when I was PR person for Women’s Model Parliament, for Midwest Rail Association and media contact person for a public relations campaign for Kelowna Youth Resources called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.”  I wrote and contributed articles for a number of newsletters, including one for Staff Development at Red River College.

To my credit, I have two University degrees, one in the humanities and the other in education.   Aside from being a teacher, I am also a trained New Media Specialist being able to produce quality products in website design, graphic design, video editing, project management, writing, art and photography.  I understand these elements and am able to connect the dots between these various aspects of media presentation. I understand SEO and SMO and can optimize the information so that it is more connected.

My experience on the internet has existed since 1995 when I was first introduced to it, completing and posting my first website design in 1996.  I have run my own multimedia company since 1999 and into the 21st century –  I am essentially a freelance New Media Specialist or a Creative Communications Consultant. I consider my work to be of high quality which is creative, dynamic and vibrant.   To also view my photography and art, please feel free to visit  There is actually more.  I do PhotoMontages and photorestoration which can be found at

I am a member of the Manitoba Writer’s Guild and The Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba (ACI Manitoba).  

If you would like me to be your content or copy writer, I can do that for you.  If you require any other multimedia services, I may be of service in this area as well.

Give me a call at 204-292-2323 or email me at  Thank you for visiting and reading my website.

Best Regards Always,

Mary Mikawoz


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