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Musings: Exist

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So the basic question is how do you know you exist? Is it the heartbeat in your chest that determines your existence? Is it because your brain is running all your organs and blood systems? Is it because your mind, which is different than your brain, is thinking? What makes you human? What makes you […]

Musings: Shape

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What shape are you? Are you square and not with it all? Are you round and kind of cool, going with the flow like a rock down a hill? Are you triangular and if so are you an equilateral being who is balanced or an obtuse one? I suppose you could be so many variations […]

Musings: Memory

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Love this word “Memory.” Actually, for most it can be a combination of good memories or bad ones. I tend to have changed my orientation lately in life. I choose to remember only the good memories. It brings me much joy and happiness to know I have had a good life overall. I have definitely […]

Musings: Listen

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I think listen or listening is one of the most important words available in the language regarding conversations.  I find that some people are not really listening. They are kind of hearing but they are not listening. They are listening to the point where they can make their counter argument by saying inwardly, “I need […]

Musings: Box

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When it comes to all ideas are you likely to stay within the confining lines or do you think outside the self-containing and limiting box? Sometimes, we do indeed, have parameters that we have to work on so that there may be an issue or concern to start off with that have some causal boundaries. […]

Musings: Obstruct

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Obstruct and obstruction are interesting words. I immediately go to the thought of “Where are you, personally, causing obstructions in your life?” I think of me getting out of my own way. I think of my belief systems and associated thoughts that are limiting what I can do. I think about all the barriers that […]

Musings: Passenger

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Don’t you feel like you are a passenger on a boat out in the ocean? There all sorts of boats, big one and small ones. There are fancy, dancy ones and ones barely staying afloat. They come in various colours and styles. The varieties are endless as are the multiplicity of quarks in the Universe. […]

Musings: Women

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Women make up half the population but we do not have half the votes or half the power that men still have. We have grown and changed thanks to the hard work of many brave women who fought against the patriarchal system. What ever happened to ancestral societies that honoured, revered and respected women and […]

Musings: Aunt

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The Polish name for Aunt or Aunty is Ciocia. I have had a number of Aunts on both sides of the family and the thing that I have to say about them is that they are very strong women – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They had to be. They lived in Poland during World […]

Musings: Swim

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Swim and swimming are words I like because they involve me being directly in the flow. I love being in water but have not always. I once had an experience where I was at a public swimming pool and midway across it, I simply forgot how to swim. I am not kidding. I was about […]

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