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Obstruct and obstruction are interesting words. I immediately go to the thought of “Where are you, personally, causing obstructions in your life?”

I think of me getting out of my own way. I think of my belief systems and associated thoughts that are limiting what I can do. I think about all the barriers that I have placed in front of me in my life. For example, I can simply think, “I can’t do this.” This can apply to me being able to write or to me going to work out or whatever task or goals I have at hand. For many, it can relate to work or even how we deal with conflicts or problems with people and our interactions with them on a day to day basis.

“I can’t” is in many respects saying, “I won’t.” It becomes a choice.

Photography of Roger Bannister. Photo Credit: 

People believed that the 4 minute mile could not be beat until Roger Bannister did so in 1954. As of April 2021, 1663 athletes have been able to break that unsurmountable goal, according to Wikipedia. That is quiet an accomplishment when the belief system in society was that it could simply not be done at all. They thought it was a physical impossibility.

Photography of Usain Bolt. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Likewise, there was a 10 second barrier for the 100 metre race. Since the 1990s, many athletes have broken that time. Usain Bolt is the current world record holder at 9.58 seconds which he accomplished in 2009.

Photography of Jim Hines at Olympic Games. Photo Credit: Getty

However, credit must be first given to Jim Hines for being most noted as the first male athlete to break the 10 second barrier for the 100 meters. That very same night two others accomplished the same feat. Ronnie Ray Smith and also Charles Greene also broke the 10 second barrier on an eventful night that is known as “The Night of Speed” on June 20, 1968. Jim Hines went onto win Gold at the Olympics in Mexico City when the first legally electronically recorded time was used. 

You see, we are only limited first and foremost by what our minds can believe and then achieve. The physical action, if that is what it is your goal, is only the next step along in the process after the mind thinks it through.

We need to examine our obstructions in our belief systems and thoughts because we are creating neural pathways over and over again like a groove in a record. Similarly, a common held belief that was commonly held was that, “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick” but you can.

Neuroplasticity says that we can positively affect the brain and create new neural pathways. This has been proven in all mammalian species. Human cognition can improve both structurally and functionally. How great is that knowledge? 

So, the question, I ask is, “What and where are you obstructing your thoughts and belief systems which are preventing you from achieving your best?”

Mary Mikawoz
February 18, 2023

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