Musings: Passenger

Photography by Mary Mikawoz

Don’t you feel like you are a passenger on a boat out in the ocean? There all sorts of boats, big one and small ones. There are fancy, dancy ones and ones barely staying afloat. They come in various colours and styles. The varieties are endless as are the multiplicity of quarks in the Universe.

There are calm days when it is smooth sailing and other days when they are rough and you wish you had not gone out there at all. Most of the time it is a good combination of flow – steady waves that rock you into the submission of life where you forget that you have a purpose in being there in the first place.

We all have a destination or somewhere we are going or need to go. We have an end goal or life purpose of being a passenger on this boat called “life.”

Sometimes, we get lulled into just the movement of the boat as time moves itself along the currents. One day follows the next but does it really? After all, time is an illusion and although we can have past experiences they may or may not impact our present circumstances, that storm you weathered the other day is over and gone and has moved on, so why don’t you do the same thing?

You are in a new space and a new part of the ocean. The future never really does come because you are in the ever-present presence. If we do make the effort, we can prepare for the “future” by doing the tasks we need to accomplish in preparation for the next moment or the ever present now.

It sometimes seems like we have little to no control. It sometimes seems that the ocean is God or the Universe and that he is controlling the whole scenario. The way I look at it, he is doing just that to a large extent but we are thrown into experiences to figure things out. We are then given the choice as to how we will deal with our next challenge or decision. That, then, is all about free will and free choice. 

Enjoy your boat ride in the ocean of life! Let’s hope you enjoy the journey before the huge wave comes out and knocks your boat out of the water.

Mary Mikawoz
February 17, 2023

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Photography by Mary Mikawoz.

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