ET Mosaic

ET Mosaic – Drawing & Digital Art by Mary Mikawoz

ET Mosaic

I was hesitant in putting up this drawing and abstract art piece, but if you read what I have to say until the end, I would appreciate it.

I was in another zen type of contemplative mood. This image just started to come out of me and, if I did not know better, it is an Extraterrestrial or ET. I put in a lot of lines in a mosaic format or stained glass type of effect, kind of like a web or network.

I do not know if there are aliens, however, with a Universe that is humongous and according to NASA, with the Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories making calculations and observations, “This led to an estimate that the observable universe contained about 200 billion galaxies.”  

The Milky Way, which is our galaxy, is also enormous. According also to NASA, “Our best estimates tell us that the Milky Way is made up of approximately 100 billion stars.”

Also, according to NASA and expanding upon their information, “A rough estimate from this survey would point to the existence of more than 10 billion terrestrial planets across our galaxy. The results were published in the Jan. 12, 2012, issue of the British science journal Nature.”

Having said all that, I think we are rather egotistical and geocentric of us to believe we are the only intelligent or sentient life form out here in the Universe.

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