World Tiger

Mikawoz World Tiger

World Tiger

This is a Mixed Media creation of imagery including a Tiger, Whirlpool Galaxy and Cyclones on Earth. Together they form an incredible imagery of the magnificence of the world including the majestic tiger.

Tiger photograph was taken by me at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, USA.

Whirlpool Galaxy from NASA image – “The image from NASA Hubble Telescope shows spiral arms and dust clouds in the nearby Whirlpool galaxy. Visible starlight and light from the emission of glowing hydrogen is seen, which is associated with the most luminous young stars in the spiral arms.”

Planet Earth was also taken by NASA.

Hope you like the creation.

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Chapter 15 – The Initial Report

Jasmine Alone

Hello, I am the writer and author of “Northern Lake Adventures – The Encounter.”

New today! Chapter 15 – Jasmine’s Story – The Initial Report

Please share with parents, teachers and people young at heart. Thanks!

Northern Lake Adventures – The Encounter – Playlist – Introduction, Chapter 1 to 15 so far

Chapter 15 – YouTube Link:

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