Be Your Own Fairy Tale

Be Your Own Fairy Tale

Be Your Own Fairy Tale

Book: “Be Your Own Fairy Tale: Working With Storytelling for Positive Life Change” by Alison Davies

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

What a wonderful little book! It take the analogy of a fairy tale and applies it to life. The exercises are divine. Alison Davies makes you storybook various endings to various topics. Whether you are the princess in the story or a wolf with a dark side, your fairy tale can be made to be heard. Alison Davies relates life to fairy tales. She devises ways of seeing our lives in terms of fairy tales.

Dealing with characters, symbols and themes, you can relate to what is being asked of you. The fairy tale all makes a presence known to you. You can decide what character you play be it a hero or heroine or the “bad guy.” Symbols are useful to your unconscious mind and can be used as such. Themes are ongoing issues within your own life that you need to deal with.

Fairy tales are an excellent venue for thinking out the future and examining what might be. It helps deal with the past to explain what has happened. Dealing with the present or the now, helps to visualize better outcomes to your fairy tale life as it currently is.

By dealing with the wicked witch or the big, bad wolf, we look at fears that enter our lives. Despite negative dealings with the fearsome side of our lives, we are ultimately responsible for our lives and for our own destiny. We write our own fairy tales and with that we ultimately create our lives.

I enjoyed the exercises where storyboarding and montages are used to create our futures. Many great steps from using crystals to beams of light are used to create a universal light energy.

Alison Davies has written a splendid little book that incorporates new age philosophy with that of fairy tale telling. It is a wonderful and worthwhile read.

As a writer of fairy tales myself, I found the book helpful from a practical point of view and not simply a spiritual point of view. I highly recommend this book as a blueprint for examining your life and maybe even writing some modern-day fairy tales in your life.

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