Book: “E3” by Pam Grout


Book: “E3” by Pam Grout

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

This book offers 9 energy experiments for manifesting magic and miracles in your life. E3 (E Cubed) is a successor book to E2 (E Squared). It is based on the new age idea that you cause your reality based on your thoughts. Quite simply, if you are negative and complaining, then you will experience “bad” things. If, on the other hand, you continue to be positive in thought, your experience will also be positive.

This talks about the world being abundant. Pam points towards nature and the way that everything is perfect in that world. People, on the other hand, have hosts of negative ideas streaming through their consciousness.

It has been a 100 years since Marconi claimed he could make radio frequencies that would cross the ocean in a wireless way. People laughed at him and said he should be put in an insane asylum. He proved them all wrong. We can’t see the waves of a microwave oven, but it is there. We depend upon cellular phones, but you can’t see those energy waves either. We continue to use what we do not understand.

Until something is done, people think it can’t be done. This is the same for breaking the 4 minute mile. Once it was accomplished by Roger Bannister, many others thought “If he can do it, why can’t I?” Many went out to break the 4 minute mile afterwards despite people thinking it was impossible to do so. Life is this way too. If we see a person doing something extraordinary, it won’t take much more convincing to follow through in the same fashion.

This book gives you 9 experiments to try. E2 had the first 9 experiments for producing actual events instead of just new age theory being discussed. Pam Grout wants you to try these experiments so that you can prove the abundance of the world and how you can obtain the positive energy into your life.

This book was an interesting read. I found parts of it would be hard for say an immigrant or someone from another culture from understanding the references. Pam uses a lot of slang and normal cultural references from what goes on in North America. From references to TV shows like Flinstones, Friends and the Seinfeld shows, it helps to know what has been going on in the cultural world. There are many other references to movies, other books, and quotes from people which you can understand if you have been alive for awhile and can relate to these iconic references that only make sense if you have lived through most of them.

The original E2 book came out around the time of “The Secret” but was not well received because of the dominance of the book and movie coming out. It has since been rebranded and sold under another title, that of E2 and now we have the next edition in the series, E3.

I would recommend this book for anyone interested in quantum physics or new age philosophies.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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