Cow Jokes

Our school had Milk Spirit Week, so I created a few cow jokes.  Here they are:

1. What does the cow say when he goes to the barber?

“Cut the hair but leave the moostache alone!”

2. What does the baby calf say when she gets an owie?

“MooHoo! MooHoo!”

Hope you like them.  Give me a shout if you do.


Evening Water Bliss

With the coming nightfall, the evening develops a calm and bliss over the water. You can see hues of pink, purple, yellow and orange reflected in the dropping sun of the water and still in the dusk of the sky. This is a scene from an Ontario lake where nature is at its peak. You can enjoy the water or the land. You can canoe early in the morning to see the early loons and other birds, or you can row contentedly in the afternoon. For many, this is a photograph of having the ending to a picture perfect day at the cottage.

Buds of Beauty within Harshness

These incredible buds of pink flowers grow amongst the harshness of an alpine system. They somehow make their way up through the cracks to grow and prosper. There is a great contrast between the soft, supple, organic life of vegetation as opposed to the tough and hard reality of white, grey stone and rock of this mountainside. I am always amazed at how incredible nature can be and this is displayed in this photograph that I took.

Thanks for looking.

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